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I'm Milena (she/her). 

Thanks for visiting my website. I'm a certified guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy. The seed of and name of Wild Calm was planted in 2018 when I was spending a lot of time alone in the woods with my dog. I instinctually retreated into the forest as I was struggling through a severe bout of depression. And it really helped. I looked around online to see if there was something to it. I stumbled upon the ANFT site and realized that forest therapy IS A THING and it would be a calling I could answer. Sharing the health benefits the forest can provide with others is something I'm so grateful to be able to do.

Prior to forest therapy, I have a degree in biology and a Master's in Resource and Environmental Management. I'm a proud biracial woman. I speak Spanish and Portuguese and I love kayaking.


I'm excited to add that I've started two Cree language classes and I hope to be able to infuse some of the language which comes from this land that we are practicing forest therapy on into my practice and deepen my own relationship with these special places and the many teachings that have both been so generously shared with settlers by Indigenous communities who have been here since time immemorial. 

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